Tremor Certified by A Greener Future

This month, Tremor was bestowed the Certification given by A Greener Future (AGF)—an International non profit entity who oversees and evaluates the environmental impact of events held Worldwide. After having attended Tremor in 2022, when they had the chance to witness the production and implementation of the festival, this entity highlights the festival’s commitment to minimizing its ecological footprint, as well as promoting sustainable actions and behavior. Among the praised practices are: the dematerialization of communication (which reduced the use of paper and other physical materials to a bare minimum); the usage of the public water system to make water free and available to all festival goers; the creation of a public transport system for participants and the encouragement of shared rides, as well as programmatic actions that promote new reflections on the archipelago’s natural heritage. 

In their report, AGF gives a positive rating to Tremor Todo-o-Terreno and Terra Incógnita, two activities that not only use natural trails that have already been identified and certified, but also promote an activity without any sort of consumption—people are encouraged to bring their water and asked to refrain from smoking, to avoid waste and littering. This entity also highlights the festival’s focus on local artistic production and community, which occupies around 50% of the festival's programming slots, as well as the activities and actions that encourage the discovery of local traditions and food (Cozinha Comunitária, Na Nossa Mesa, online restaurant guide, etc.). Other positive aspects pointed out were the upcycling strategy applied to the festival’s merchandising, the use of a cashless system that reduces waste related to invoices (receipts), and the reusable plastic cups.

AGF also emphasizes the importance of Selva Coragem and Ornitofaunia as activities that bring the local population closer to themes linked to biodiversity and the preservation of species, as well as some of the workshops developed as part of the festival’s educational service.

On their note AGF congratulates Tremor, stating that the event  is “showing a commitment to a greener way of producing events”. “They have gone beyond what is legally required of events in order to achieve the AGF certification” they stress. desenvolvido por Bondhabits. Agência de marketing digital e desenvolvimento de websites e desenvolvimento de apps mobile