Inal Bilsel
Inal Bilsel


A multifaceted and award-winning composer of electronic, classical-contemporary, film and experimental music, Inal Bilsel’s work sits at the crossroads of music and visual arts. Over the past few years, Bilsel has developed a fictional world and a personal artistic universe that borrows elements from science fiction, nostalgia and hauntology.

Nostalgia For The Future is conceived to bring Inal Bilsel’s intricate and elaborate creations into a live setting. Performing primarily from the Paradise Lost album and unreleased material from Inal’s exuberant audio-visual set Tales From The Future. The band consists of Inal Bilsel (Keys), Ezgi Akgurgen and Naz Atun (vocals), Onur Kasapoglu (bass and vocals), and Ugur Guclu (drums).

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