Kontovourkis & Co.
Kontovourkis & Co.


Kontovourkis & Co. is the upgraded offspring of the Michalis Kontovourkis Band, originally formed in 2018 after the release of Ap' tin Arxi, the singer-songwriter's first album. The new lineup now features his gifted sister Panayiota Kontovourki on violin and vocals, and Mike Michael on keyboards. These added elements enhance an already gutsy foundation made up of some of the best-known practitioners from the island's rock scene: Stephanos Eliopoulos on drums, Nikolas Fournaris on bass, Mike Nicolaou on lead guitar, Duncan McCowan on blues harp, trumpet and percussion, and Kontovourkis himself fronting the show on vocals, guitars and tzoura.

The set from this ever-evolving outfit grows and matures with every outing, becoming increasingly crossover and eclectic. Firmly based in Kontovourkis’ songs that draw on a rich Greek rock-folk background, there are now anglophone elements weaving in with strong country-bluegrass overtones, and even nostalgic disco grooves. The whole rowdy melodic package amounts to a new and exciting musical brand in Cyprus with the joint writing talents of Kontovourkis and McCowan solidly at its center.


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