Community Music Workshop by Nikoletta Polydorou
Community Music Workshop by Nikoletta Polydorou

30th October, 2023


Equipo Para

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Canary Islands

Community Music Workshop by Nikoletta Polydorou

The participants will get training in using music as a powerful tool for inclusion and integration of children and young people with fewer opportunities (children and young people with low socio-economic status, migration background and unaccompanied refugee minors). The suggested workshop’s first aim is to create a safe environment for migrant and refugee children. Taking into account that many children can be traumatised especially if they are newcomers, the workshops will first focus on creating a safe environment so that everyone is equal to participate at their own pace and level of comfort. Moreover, the activities of the workshops will also encourage creativity, always in a safe way, in order to unlock a creative process for every child which is important for a solid self-development. The workshops will be formed in a way that all participants can feel included, and where they will always be able to participate at their own desired level of interaction. The level of quality of music for every activity will also be a priority. Nurturing creativity through improvisation is a method that will be analysed and extensively used. desenvolvido por Bondhabits. Agência de marketing digital e desenvolvimento de websites e desenvolvimento de apps mobile