Fengaros, KEROXEN and Tremor festival launch a network to create new collaboration opportunities for artists and local communities

What unites those living on the edge? And what new solutions can perceived common issues and challenges originate? 

Uniting three boutique events operating in some of the peripheral territories of Europe - Azorean Tremor, Canarian Keroxen and Cypriot Fengaros, EDGE is a platform that blends different cultures, music genres, discussion themes and environmental concerns, to unroll a permanente debate and collaboration amongst its members. Launched today, this project will act upon three main areas: artistic creation, knowledge exchange and internationalization opportunities, proposing a vast schedule of artistic residencies, concerts, talks and workshops, as well as creating an online platform that can work as a directory for artists and bands living in the Azores, Canary Islands and Cyprus. 

Starting in march with Tremor festival, the artistic residency program will connect singer-songwriters Demetris Mesimeris (Cyprus) and Neuza (Azores), music creator and performer Anastasia Demetriadou (Cyprus), bassist and keyboard player Clemente Almeida (Azores) and saxophonist Alba Gil Aceytuno (Canary Islands). Later this year, the 2023 edition of Fengaros will connect vocalist Nicole Ardanitou (Cyprus), singer-songwriter Silly Lilly (Azores), guitarist Jonathan (Azores) and multi-instrumentalist Carolina Machado (Canary Islands). In parallel with KEROXEN 2023, the artistic residencies will happen between singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Alexis Sunder (Cyprus), pianist and singer Cemre Arca (Cyprus), free jazz collective Cruz Perro Maldito (Canary Islands), multidisciplinary artists MA Ç ARICO (Azores) and electronic musician Filipe Montalverne (Azores). 

Apart from the artistic creation, EDGE will also promote a vast range of workshops, with the objective of creating new discussion and knowledge exchange opportunities for local communities. These panels will include, amongst others, discussions on sustainability, artistic creation with communities or music production. 

Following the work of the three events involved, EDGE has developed a partnership with Greener Festival that will make an evaluation on the good environmental practices adopted. 

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