Nikoletta Polydorou
Nikoletta Polydorou


Nikoletta Polydorou is a Social Music Educator with a PhD in Music Education. Nikoletta is the founder and Executive Director of Sistema Cyprus, a social-music orchestra programme that offers free music education to the children and young people of Cyprus, including migrants, refugees and children and young people with less opportunities. Since 2011 she has been working as a Music Instructor in the most disadvantaged schools in Nicosia, that fall within the Ministry of Education’s “School and Social Inclusion Actions” Programme. In addition, Nikoletta worked as a Scientific Collaborator at the European University of Cyprus and collaborated with the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance for the course: The Artist as an Agent of Change.

In 2020, Nikoletta was awarded the Commonwealth Points of Light Award by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. In 2018, Nikoletta was selected by the Youth Board of Cyprus to serve as a Role Model because of her work with immigrant communities. Through these years, Nikoletta has been tirelessly working to educate, inspire and empower the children and people of the most disadvantaged communities in Cyprus.

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