Keroxen celebrates fifteen years of sound eruption

The festival opens on October 21 with concerts every weekend until November 24 at the El Tanque Cultural Space.

This week the long-awaited poster was presented and tickets can now be purchased on the sales platform.

Keroxen opens the doors of a new edition of this multidisciplinary festival with the sale of tickets for the 2023 events, which can be purchased on the sales platform: This week the poster was made public. Designed by Néstor Torrens, Pura Márquez and Claudia Luque it pays tribute to the sound eruption that Keroxen evokes in us, after fifteen years of experience and center of convergence of artists.

More than 60 artists, 33 concerts, four international residencies, two calls for participation in two large artistic installations and eight days of workshops and talks make up this year's program that takes place at the Espacio Cultural el Tanque. A total of 11 different nationalities will meet in Tenerife to complete a line-up that is packed with many surprises.

On October 21 and 28 and November 3, 4, 18 and 24 we will enjoy concerts and artistic proposals with guests such as Grove (United Kingdom), Sao Paulo Underground (Brazil, USA) Senyawa (Indonesia), Dame Area (Spain) , µ-Ziq (Germany), MC Yallah and Catu Diosis (Uganda), Dyatlov (Canary Islands), Goat (Japan), Panda Bear (USA) and Sonic Boom (UK), among others.

Keroxen 2023 also opens the door to guests from the European Edge Project, artists from the Azores Tremor Festival and Cyprus' Fengaros come together to experiment in one of the four festival residencies. Two workshops and the concert resulting from the residency will be shown within the planned programming.

This year Keroxen launches the Keroxen Sound Space, in Bajamar, where the concerts of November 3rd will take place together with the reforestation of the environment. Visual artists, experimental music, installations and residencies merge in an initiative that aims to reduce the carbon footprint, while highlighting the beauty of the land on which we live.

Throughout these years, the Keroxen artistic project has allowed the creation of a large network of musical, visual and artistic synergies at the local, national and international level, which is materialized in the festival that each year offers the public long-awaited concerts by great artists and also new creations resulting from the artistic residencies that are part of the program with album publishing in vinyl and digital format on the Keroxen label.

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The Keroxen Festival is possible thanks to the support of INAEM, the Canarian Institute of Cultural Development (@icdcultural), Government of the Canary Islands, REACT-EU Fund and PROMOTUR TURISMO CANARIAS S.A., Cabildo de Tenerife, the Autonomous Body of the City Council of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, OAC and the European Edge Project. desenvolvido por Bondhabits. Agência de marketing digital e desenvolvimento de websites e desenvolvimento de apps mobile