Fengaros Reacts returns for its fourth edition with performances by six different local artists this October

Keeping the momentum from the success that was this year’s Fengaros Festival, Louvana Records proudly presents Fengaros Reacts Vol. 4! This series of live performances were disguised as Secret Concerts and starting on October 9th, they will be released online and will present six different local artists across nine days. What started as a means to keep the Cypriot music scene alive during lockdown has become a staple for showcasing local artists year after year. This time around, the performances were filmed and recorded live in front of an audience, in an intimate setting, over three nights this September. Come October, the full performances will be available for streaming on the Louvana Records YouTube channel.

The festival will open with none other than Cypriot icon and jazz-rockers Tterlikkas x Fuzz Bus for a highly anticipated return of their show ‘έξω που τα νερά μας’, followed by five-piece band Abettor who will unabashedly push the boundaries of rock. Rising artist x.ypnowill bend genres through his distinctive vocal escalations and the delicate Hayat Sebep will be weaving her ethereal melodies and fairy tales. Songwriter and musician Nama Dama will let you in a unique world through live looping with both electronic and traditional elements, while the explosive rockers The Ladderman will close the festival with a bang!

More information at https://www.fengaros.com

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